Suit Direct celebrates successful opening of new UK high street stores

Suit Direct has successfully opened its 10th UK high street store, SD Home of Menswear by Suit Direct, in Dudley, West Midlands, following its accelerating growth to become the leading fashion retailer for menswear.

This is a significant milestone for Suit Direct as its first UK high street store opened just last year in September 2020, and it has since opened nine more standalone stores of this nature across the country. This fruitful rollout is expected to continue throughout the remainder of 2021.

This is a huge steppingstone for Suit Direct, as it marks a transition from outlet stores to significant high street stores across the country. In the next three months, another eight high street stores are expected to open due to the brand’s recent success.

The progression of opening high street stores marks a new era for Suit Direct, as it allows the brand to tap into new consumers and ones that are less discount-driven and more about finding pieces that last.

While the brand’s outlet stores will be remaining open for savvy shoppers, the arrival of further high street stores is further popularising the Suit Direct name for a whole host of new and existing customers, regardless of their age, class, and consumerism.

The new high street stores are and will be based in prominent UK locations, including major cities such as Sheffield, Leicester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Birmingham, Southampton, and Reading.