Our Values

Our values are a part of our DNA. Individually, they are obvious, but when combined together, they make Baird Group and our employees who we are. They underpin every decision we make and ensure we remain a company where employees and their values are respected.

Gender Pay Equality

At Baird Group men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across the whole of our business. Our gender pay commitment is fully overviewed in detail within our 2020/21 report accessible below.

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Cultural Framework

The Baird Group believe that by creating a framework that underpins the core values of the business, that together colleagues can create an environment that is supportive, collaborative and productive.

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Doing things the right way with the right behaviours for the right reason. Acting ethically, honestly and at all times with integrity.


We have the strength, willingness and determination to show initiative, make things happen and carry them through. We have the courage to ensure that we and the organisation act with integrity.


We expect people to respect and value others perspectives and roles, responsibilities and ideas regardless of their position within the organisation. We take the time to understand, trust, admire and support each other to achieve shared success.



We will create a safe and supportive physical and emotional environment for all colleagues.

With Pride

We are proud and take satisfaction for delivering the goals we set within a safe environment where commercial success is achieved.


We strive at all times to embrace and be respectful of all work colleagues whether personally or in the roles they carry out in the organisation.



We foster an environment where change, creativity and new ways of thinking and doing are celebrated, encourage and supported. ‘Make your vision happen’.


We act wisely in a way which at all times adds value for stakeholders in the organisation to provide a sound financial platform for stability and growth.


We take ownership and accountability for actions and contributions to achieve commercial goals and success.