Reports of the death of the suit are greatly exaggerated, according to a new campaign from Suit Direct (  Rebuking recent headlines announcing the decline of tailoring, this brand refresh comes amid rapid two year growth for the company, showing that the suit is actually in rude health. Furthermore, having opened 26 high street stores in 24 months, Baird Group’s Suit Direct expansion shows that, contrary to press headlines, there is yet life in the high street too.


With a six-figure budget, this campaign will feature OOH media with 48 sheet and 6 sheet billboards, as well as a digital and social push. Utilising images and video, the creative shows off the various ways men in 2022 use suits to express themselves. From heritage looks and suit separates through to blazers paired with t-shirts or jeans, the versatility of Suit Direct’s extensive collections is illustrated.


The rise in home-working since the Covid pandemic has led some commentators to theorise that, with fewer people working in offices, suits and formalwear are no longer a staple item in retail offerings. Contrastingly, Suit Direct’s campaign shows the brand breathing new life into the category and closing the coffin on outdated perceptions. It is conformity that is dead, rather than the suit, while self-expression and creativity are on the rise.


In lieu of ditching them, menswear consumers are trying new things and wearing suits in a way that’s right for them. Embracing the variety of ways that tailoring can be worn, customers are entering a new era where individuality is a focus and traditional formalwear is no longer the only option. Collections stocked by Suit Direct include in-house brands like Limehaus and Racing Green alongside some of the biggest names in menswear tailoring from Ted Baker to Ben Sherman to Marc Darcy.


This campaign comes amid a huge expansion for Suit Direct who bucked convention during Covid and switched its strategy to open brick and mortar stores at a time when many competitors were pulling out of the high street. Since September 2020 the retailer has opened 26 new high street locations, bringing the total stores to 45.


Kevin Stone, Marketing Director at Baird Group, owner of Suit Direct says, “With traditional dress codes loosening, men’s relationship with suiting is changing for the better. It’s no longer shocking to see CEOs and politicians going tie-less at events for example, or to see smart sneakers paired with a suit at weddings. This changing landscape might be worrying to some, but our expansion in this market shows us that consumers aren’t ditching the suit – they’re simply making it work for them.


“With many no longer expected to wear a suit to work five days a week, consumers are instead free to explore and find a style that ‘suits’ them! We see all sorts of customers in our stores, from young people buying their first ever suit to those who have been wearing tailoring their entire lives. Whether they’re a traditional tailoring connoisseur or prefer more modern casual looks, they can find the perfect style at Suit Direct.”


Mark Cotter, CEO at Baird Group adds, “We are delighted to play a part in the ongoing regeneration of the UK high street with Suit Direct’s expansion. Our exciting new stores aim to work seamlessly with our website ( to service customers of all ages. In the evolving world of menswear, we want to make sure that each customer has the expert style advice of our in-store teams allowing them to invest in formalwear pieces that match their personal style and needs and can be worn in multiple ways.


“We want consumers to know that the suit is very much alive as a perfectly flexible garment that can be used in many ways in many parts of their daily lives – a truly great sustainable investment for every man. We’re in an exciting time as old rulebooks fade away to be replaced with choice and flexibility, and we are proud to be part of this amazing journey.”


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