Baird Group brands reveal sustainability pledges for future of menswear

Baird Group has unveiled its new sustainability pledges alongside both Ben Sherman’s and Ted Baker’s.

The fashion industry makes up 10% of the carbon polluting the world’s atmosphere, so sustainable fashion is now a necessity for both the environment and its people.

Baird Group, Ben Sherman and Ted Baker are all too aware of this and are taking action to do their part. By making more conscious decisions such as reducing the use of single-use plastic and using more recyclable materials, they hope to ultimately reduce their own carbon footprints.

Here are the sustainability pledges and causes for action below:

Baird Group

Baird Group, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, understands the importance of ethical sourcing in its supply chain, therefore has committed to working with its suppliers and customers to drive improvement, and build strong relationships built on honesty, respect and strong business ethics.

The brand’s textile factories are to undergo periodic audits in line with its Supplier Code of Conduct, plus polybags (for packaging) are to be halved so to reduce plastic usage by 50%.

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman is pledging to use 100% organic cotton (which does not use harmful chemicals or pesticides in the making process) in the majority of its lines from 2021. Plus, recycled cotton is high on the brand’s agenda, too, which is made from leftover textile waste from the manufacturing process.

The brand’s polybags for customers’ packages are made from biodegradable plastic, which take just three to six months to decompose. Original bags would have taken 20 years to do the same. What’s more, Ben Sherman uses factories that comply with ethical and responsible codes of conduct, and protect production and employee welfare.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is making it easier for its consumers to shop more sustainably, all the brand’s menswear now contains 50% or more recycled and responsibly sourced materials. This means that less water, chemicals and energy have been used in the production process.

Furthermore, the brand produces items made from organic cotton, recycled polyester and eco-friendly viscose, while its hangers are 100% recycled.

The suits might just be the best bit, with collars that are all made from 100% recycled Melton wool, to suits containing 30-40% of recycled polyester for lining and pockets, while the overall suit is made from recycled wool or wool-blends.